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How to play

Quick Start

We recommend starting with 4 players (you and 3 computer players). Gameplay each round:

  1. Trap! Click a trap to set it (these are rare, you might not get one)
  2. Build! Draw a card from the playfield to build up your deck
  3. Prepare! Activate your powerups and rearrange your upgrades if you want to
  4. Battle! Click a lizard to target it for attack
  5. Tip: The status message at the top will always tell you what to do next


Create an army of lizards with lasers! Draw upgrade cards to increase your attack, defense, and speed, and supplement your army with special powerups to ensure victory over the battlefield. Each round you will draw a card from the playfield and then arrange your cards to fine-tune your army.

Each player has one ammo slot that can store level I, II, or III energy, one reserve slot for level I, II, or III upgrades, and unlimited slots for powerups and traps. Build up your army for ultimate domination!


Each round consists of a Build Phase and a Battle Phase. The playfield is populated with the number of game players plus 2 (e.g. a 4 player game will result in 6 playfield cards). To begin the Build Phase, the player to the left of the dealer selects a playfield card, progressing to the left until each player has drawn. The remaining playfield cards are discarded.

If there are any attacking lizards, the game progresses to the Battle Phase. To begin the Battle Phase, the lizard with the highest overall speed goes first, progressing from fastest to slowest lizard until all lizards that are able to attack have done so. Once the Battle Phase is complete, the dealer rotates one to the left and the next round begins.

Battle Phase

During a battle the attacker rolls the number of dice equal to the highest attached attack upgrade slot, and then the defender rolls the number of dice equal to the highest attached defense upgrade slot. If defender has defense upgrade slots attached, the defender rolls 1 die and deducts one from the roll (e.g. defender rolls a 5, so the total defense roll is 4). Multiple attached upgrade slots allow re-rolling of lowest dice. For example:

  1. Attacker has LASER III and LASER II and rolls 6/5/1 on first roll. Attacker keeps the 6 and re-rolls the 5 which becomes a 4 and the 1 which becomes 3. Attacker can keep the originally rolled 5 instead of the 4 and use the newly rolled 3 instead of the 1, resulting in a total roll of 6+5+3=14.
  2. Defender has SHIELD II, SHIELD II, and SHIELD II and rolls a 3/2 on the first roll. Defender re-rolls the 3 which becomes a 4 and the 2 which becomes a 1. Defender then re-rolls the 4 which becomes a 3 and the 1 which becomes a 5. Defender can keep the 4 from the second roll and the 5 from the third roll, resulting in a total roll of 4+5=11.
  3. In this case the attacker wins and the defending lizard is stunned (14>11). Ties go to the defender.

Powerups and Traps

Traps must be activated at the beginning of the Build Phase, and powerups must be activated at the beginning of the Battle Phase. Follow the instructions written on the powerup card for usage.


Events cannot be drawn by a player and take affect immediately, persisting until the end of the current round (events are discarded at the end of the Build Phase but remain in effect for the entire round).

Scoring & Winning

Each time an attack successfully stuns the target lizard, the attacking player is awarded 1 victory point. The first player to reach 20 points wins, and the game is over.

Additional Info

1 ammo is required for each attacking lizard. Ammo is discarded regardless of how many units of ammo were used that round.

Stunned lizards cannot attack. All lizards become un-stunned at the beginning of each round.

When the deck runs out, the discard pile is shuffled and re-used. So if a card is discarded, it is not lost forever.

When two or more lizards have the same speed, the game randomly chooses which one goes first.

There is no limit to how large your lizard army can be.